Net::Z3950 - Perl extension for talking to Z39.50 servers

Why a Documentation Directory?

For a while, I experimented with having the HTML form of the POD documents living alongside the Perl source, but that turns out to be Hard To Do right - you end up fighting the MakeMaker - so I decided it wasn't worth the effort, and moved all the documentation into this separate directory, where the building of the HTML is controlled by a simple Makefile.

User Documents

The bulk of the documentation is from the PODs in the source files: it is intended to provide everything that a user of the Net::Z3950 module could need to know.

It should be read in the following order:

Yes, it's ridiculous that I need to provide this hand-maintained index. What I should clearly do is have the SEE ALSO section of the top-level Net::Z3950 overview manual link to all the other manuals describing specific data types. Unfortunately (can you believe this?) I can't find any construct in POD which converts to a simple relative link in HTML.

Other things that may be worth reading:

Developer Documents

There are a few additional bits and pieces that may be of interest to people who want to develop the module further: