Commercial Support - Net::Z3950 Perl Module

Version 1.2 2001-05-10
Index Data ApS, Copenhagen

This document specifies the terms and conditions of an optional support agreement (the Agreement), offered by Index Data ApS (ID) to users of the Net::Z3950 Perl module (the Software).

The service comprises:

NOTE: Beyond this, we assume no responsibility for the use of the Software, or for any accidents or losses caused, directly or indirectly by the use of the Software. The distribution terms for the software are the same as those of Perl itself.

To simplify communication, all contact between ID and the customer (related to the Agreement) must be facilitated by one of two contact persons from the customer's organisation.

The Cost of the service:

The basic price is EUR 5578 per year, and covers support for two different platforms, identified in advance. The platforms may be any of Solaris 2.X, Windows NT/95/98/2000 (using Microsoft VC++ v5.X), Digital Unix, or Linux.. Other platforms may be supported, subject to prior approval by ID. For some platforms, it may be necessary to provide access to an example of the platform at the cost of the client - either by loaning a running system to ID for the duration of the Agreement, or by supplying ID with access to a development system over the Internet.

If more than two plaforms are to be supported, these can be added (under the same conditions as stated above) for an additional cost of EUR 1.855 per year per platform.

NOTE: The client is free to use the Software on any number of platforms not covered by the Agreement, provided he is prepared to resolve platform-specific problems without assistance from ID.

All prices are stated without VAT. Payments are made quarterly, at the beginning of every quarter for the duration of the Agreement. Payments are due within 30 days of invoicing, and subject to 1.5% interest per month beyond that.

If the structure of the Agreement is not suitable for your organisation, please contact us. We want to adapt our service to your requirments.

Formal agreement:

This docment constitutes a formal offer and agreement to the terms set out above. Please indicate consent by returning a signed copy of this document to Index Data, together with the following information (this information may be supplied on a separate sheet if desired):

The agreement covers basic support for up to two different platforms (see preceding page), plus _____ additional platforms [specify]: _______________________________

COMPANY NAME: _______________________________

BILLING ADDRESS: _______________________________




YOUR REFERENCE: _______________________________ (for invoicing purposes)

CONTACT PERSON #1: _______________________________

CONTACT PERSON #2: _______________________________

YOUR SIGNATURE: _______________________________ DATE: _____________

ACCEPTED INDEX DATA _______________________________ DATE: _____________